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Get traditional!

Our BODYMATE acupressure mat has a modern look and comes with a friend: an acupressure pillow so you can achieve the next level in relaxation.

Do you want more energy and less stress in your life? Our acupressure mat can help! It works on ancient principles and similar tools have been used by Yogis for centuries.

This acupressure mat has 221 massage units that help your body to relax and release new energy thanks to pointed, evenly spaced massage spikes that provide stimulation in a lying, sitting or standing position. 

Relax in Colour

Our acupressure mat is a multifunctional massage tool that can help you to address stress, back pain, joint pain, head and neck pain, circulation problems, tiredness and more. It doesn’t need to be any particular colour to do those things, but surrounding ourselves with colours we enjoy can add to our sense of well-being. We offer the mat in a variety of colours, so you can pick your favourite and feel good.

Point Made

Achieve new levels of relaxation with pointed massage spikes that promote circulation.

Nap Time!

The mat comes with a pillow to provide soft, energetic support for your head. Why not just close your eyes and drift off to sleep?

Under Pressure

Acupressure works by applying pressure to your skin. Our acupressure mat does this using 221 massage units, each with 33 spikes, arranged in 21 rows across the mat. That’s 6,963 massage points! Wow!

Comfort on the Go

The acupressure mat and acupressure pillow are delivered in a practical BODYMATE carry bag, so you can take relaxation with you wherever you go.


The BODYMATE acupressure mat is easy to clean. Simply wash the cover in the washing machine and it’s fresh and ready to use for your next relaxation session.

Your Perfect Acupressure Mat

BODYMATE Acupressure Set

Energizing and relaxing: the perfect mat.


Mat 72cm x 44cm

Pillow 10cm x 15cm x 38cm

+ Carry Bag