Fascia Tools

Get precise!

Trigger the next level. BODYMATE fascia tools make even the smallest trigger points disappear.

Go deeper, with BODYMATE fascia tools for trigger point massages. If you find your fascia roller isn’t quite hitting the spot, our fascia tools are sure to make a difference.

Self-massage and fascia training for intermediate users and experts.

Go Deep

Small Ball

Care Set

Massage Set

Targeted Support

The BODYMATE fascia training eBook. E-mailed to you for free when you purchase one of our fascia products, so you can pull the trigger on your journey to the next level!

DownloaD NOW

100% Recyclable

Already levelled up: our production line. BODYMATE fascia tools are made out of 100% environmentally friendly, recyclable EPP.

Like A Roller, But More Precise

Our little helpers from the fascia tool product range can hit even the tiniest trigger point, precisely targeting and removing adhesions.

Trigger Your Senses

BODYMATE fascia tools come in a variety of cool looks, so you can work out in style.

Well Rounded and Tip-Top!

Our fascia tools come in a variety of shapes. Select from a ball, double ball, or cone-shaped massage tool, with massage surfaces ranging from practically flat to very precise.

Your Perfect Fascia Tool

Hit every trigger point

BODYMATE Fascia Tool Small Ball

The small fascia ball helps you to precisely locate trigger points anywhere on your body and give them a targeted massage.


8cm (Diameter)

Relax your back

BODYMATE Fascia Tool Fascia Care Set

This set is based on our fascia roller CARE series, featuring the circumferential groove developed by BODYMATE.


Roller: 30cm (Length) x 15cm (Diameter) | Ball 14cm (Diameter) | Duo-ball: 24cm (Length) & 14cm (Diameter)

Trigger point massage for intermediate users | experts

BODYMATE Fascia Massage Set

Innovative new shape, designed by us here at BODYMATE! For a truly targeted massage experience, you need our fascia trigger point activation set. Precisely target and relax your trigger points, no matter how small.


Hand-held Massager: 10.5cm (Length) x 7cm (Diameter) | Holder: 14cm (Diameter) & 4.5cm Height