Skipping Ropes

Get active!

Our BODYMATE skipping ropes for targeted cardio workouts, challenging HIIT, anabolic core workouts and functional training will make you sweat – and help you to level up.

The perfect well-rounded workout, with our professional skipping ropes, featuring premium ball bearings so you can push yourself closer to your limit every single day.

From Fast to Faster

BODYMATE skipping ropes are unique, high quality workout tools and are delivered in a practical carry bag.




Fast as a Bullet

OK, maybe not quite that fast, but the handles feature ball bearings that allow the rope to match your perfect speed with very little resistance.


You can purchase our skipping ropes with or without extra weights in the handles.

Hard as Steel

Why? Because it’s made of steel. Our ropes are coated for additional protection, and we provide safety caps for the ends.

Meet Your Match

All BODYMATE skipping ropes are easily adjustable to suit your height.


Add a variety of new options to your workout – and level up in no time at all.

Your Perfect Skipping Rope

The rope for every workout

BODYMATE Universal Skipping Rope

An all-rounder perfect for your workout, whether you are just getting started or already an expert.

For a little extra power

BODYMATE Premium Weighted Skipping Rope

Expand your workout with added weight for extra power.

Fast, faster, fastest!

BODYMATE Speed Skipping Rope

This rope is for those with a need for speed.