Yoga & Recreation

Yoga Cushions

Get relaxed!

Our BODYMATE yoga cushions for levelling up your meditation, relaxation exercises and yoga practice. 

Get in touch with your inner self as you discover and flex your meditative muscles.

More Support, Better Yoga

Our supportive yoga cushions allow you to relax during yoga practice and beyond. For improved meditation and training exercises.





Our cushions have a natural filling and adjust to fit your body.

A Natural Seat

In line with yoga philosophies, the cushion is filled with hand-washed buckwheat husks and the cover is made of 100% cotton.

Perfect Support

The cushions offer excellent support for your back muscles, allowing you to relax during meditation or while doing yoga.

Gentle & Pure

The cotton cover is gentle on the skin and easy to wash at 30° C.


Our cushions are handmade and meet the high-quality standards set by BODYMATE.

Your Perfect Yoga Cushion

The all-rounder

BODYMATE Yoga Cushion

This all-rounder provides a relaxed, supported seat no matter where you are.

Sit tall

BODYMATE Yoga Cushion Tall

A yoga cushion for those who love to put their feet up or simply need a higher perch.

A comfortable seat

BODYMATE Crescent Yoga Cushion

This crescent shaped cushion provides the perfect, comfortable support for your yoga practice.