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Get well-rounded!

Our exercise balls improve your core and help you to achieve the next level in fitness. Work out at the office, at home or at the gym.

Enjoy a healthy, well rounded workday that is easy on your back, or take your workout to the next level with our BODYMATE exercise balls! These exercise balls are true fitness all-rounders suitable for bodies large and small.

Pass the Ball

Our BODYMATE eBooks pass on our expertise to you. They are e-mailed to you for free with the purchase of many of our products. So you can take your workout to the next level!

DownloaD Now

Strong and Stable

Our exercise balls are made of material that is gentle on the skin. They hardly ever slip and stay extremely stable under loads of up to 250kg.

Get Pumped

Before you start exercising: pump it up! Our exercise balls come with a free BODYMATE air pump so you can start your workout right away.

Colour Wheel

BODYMATE exercise balls come in a variety of stylish colours.

Well Rounded

Our exercise balls come in a variety of sizes. Use our sizing chart to choose the perfect size and level up your workout.

Your Perfect Exercise Ball

For a stable core

BODYMATE Exercise Ball

Pilates, yoga, CrossFit, functional and core training for beginners and experts alike. Well-rounded workouts, at the office or the gym.