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Get comfortable

Our BODYMATE yoga mats. For safe, comfortable workouts at the gym or yoga studio, taking your yoga practice to the next level.

Let the energy flow. On our soft, anti-slip, non-toxic yoga mats.

Yoga mats with excellent grip for a comfortable workout

Yin and Yang



Light as a Feather

Our yoga mats are extra light. Weighing only 700 grams and with a convenient carry strap, our 6mm premium mat is easy to take with you to the studio and home again.

100% Workout, No Hazardous Materials

Already levelled up: our production line, which does not use plasticizers or heavy metals.

Firm Footing for Easy Yoga

Firm footing is the basis of a solid yoga practice. So we made sure our yoga mats are anti-slip on the bottom and provide good grip on the top.

Easy to Clean

Sweaty yoga session, freshly washed studio floors or sandy beaches: our yoga mats take it all in stride, and are very easy to clean.

Free Your Mind

BODYMATE yoga mats are hygienic and gentle on the skin, so you can stop worrying and focus on your yoga practice.

Your Perfect Yoga Mat

5mm Thick

BODYMATE Universal Yoga Mat

Our basic yoga mat is made from non-toxic, plasticizer-free PVC, and can be used for fitness, yoga, Pilates and functional training.

6mm THick

BODYMATE Premium Yoga Mat

Made of TPE that is gentle on the skin, weighing only 700g with a non-slip surface. Your micro-investment for a better yoga practice – and a better workout.