Get flexible!

Our BODYMATE resistance bands are a flexible tool for levelling up your workout.

The next level in strength and endurance is waiting for you, with the right BODYMATE resistance band for strength, endurance, coordination or flexibility training.

Pull, Pull, Pull!

We offer resistance bands for a variety of different weight classes, used by beginners and experts alike. Even professionals can work that flex and level up.

Resistance Bands


All Natural

Our BODYMATE exercise bands are made of 100% natural rubber and manufactured according to strict quality guidelines. What does that mean? You can rest assured that they won’t stick to your skin or cut you as you level up your training sessions.


BODYMATE resistance bands are incredibly stretchy, but also tear-resistant and durable, so you can have fun and train hard.

Through Thick and Thin

We offer our resistance bands in a variety of different widths and colours, for a variety of different training options. The bands also offer a variety of resistance levels, so you can select the right band for your workout needs: from 5kg to 80kg of resistance, our shop has it all.

Game, Set, Match

Our resistance bands come in a set of short bands, each 60cm long, or you can purchase individual bands measuring 208cm in length.

Your Perfect Resistance Band

Different strengths for different strengths

BODYMATE Resistance Bands

You need a more powerful workout? Or you want to start out easy? No problem. Select from 5 colours and resistance levels.


(Resistance | Width)

5 – 16kg | 1.3cm

10 – 26kg | 2.1cm

16 – 36kg | 3.2cm

23 – 54kg | 4.5cm

28 – 80kg | 6.2cm


60cm power packet

BODYMATE Resistance Band Set, 60cm

Training for all levels, from beginner to expert with varying levels of resistance.